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Our custom leadership development programs turn your organization’s middle managers, high-achievers, or franchisees into high performance leaders.

While we typically engage with leaders, teams, and organizations through speaking, coaching, and training events, we're now excited to offer InteGREAT Academy for the same content – in your pocket and on your schedule! We've transformed our content into a series of video lessons, accompanied by team discussion prompts and activation ideas to make sure you take what you're learning beyond the phone screen.

If you're looking for speaking, coaching, or training, we're still available at InteGREATLeadership.com

Why InteGREAT?


We’ve led teams for 30 years, and we’ve also learned from the world’s best leaders. The InteGREAT process was originally developed to help Chick-fil-A operators and team leaders build strong leadership cultures, and has since served to coach and train executives and teams at top organizations—including Kroger, Grand Hyatt, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Our clients also include the Pittsburgh Pirates and Buffalo Bills, as well as college sports teams and coaches.

Let us help you and your organization reach optimum performance!

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